How To Hire Infrastructure Executives

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Executives specializing in infrastructure are in high demand because of the crucial role they play in ensuring the proper operation of enterprises.  But many businesses don’t know where to begin looking for or how to recruit highly specialized workers.  The following will outline the specific duties of an infrastructure executive and the factors that firms must take into account when making such a crucial hiring decision.  It will explain how to get in touch with an executive search firm, why you should think about Boyden, and how to begin the process of finding the ideal individual.

Larger and more complicated projects, less public finance, and increased regulatory scrutiny are all features of today’s infrastructure landscape.  Companies need to keep up with the industry’s rapid changes, such as the use of big data and advanced analytics, which will affect how infrastructure projects are conceived, built, and maintained.  The commercial and governmental sectors will need to work together for the common good to take advantage of the new financing options for projects.

Executives in the infrastructure sector need to have commercial, strategic, technological, and media skills to deal with rising expectations from various constituencies.  Expertise in restructuring, turnaround, and operations will also be essential.

How to Prepare for Infrastructure Executive Search

Executive search in the field of infrastructure development is a time-consuming process that must be meticulously prepared for and carried out. The first step in hiring an infrastructure executive is pinpointing the precise set of skills and experience your company requires. The first step in creating a successful job posting is to determine exactly what it is you need and want from applicants.

You can accomplish this by assembling a search team that features stakeholders and contacts for the position of infrastructure executive. These individuals will determine the needs of your company in this role, weigh the wants and dislikes, and ultimately choose the best candidate. By enlisting help, you can eliminate potential sources of bias and make sure no essential qualifications are overlooked when vetting potential employees. Finishing the job of closing the informational and/or educative gap.

Questions to ask your search team:

  • What are the business objectives for this hire?
  • What specific skills and experience are required to succeed in this role?
  • What is the ideal candidate profile?
  • Who will this person be reporting to?
  • What knowledge gaps are we hoping to fill?
  • What would success for look like  after one year?
  • How big is the budget for this position?
  • Can they work remote or hybrid?

There are, without a doubt, a great deal more questions that can be posed. Focus on subjects that will help your search team align their efforts and make your search process more effective at finding top candidates in a shorter amount of time.

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How Executive Search firms Can help you

Infrastructure executive search firms are networks of experienced executive search consultants. For example Boyden, where I am Managing Partner has offices in over 43 different countries. Each has Infrastructure search specialists who can find the best talent for infrastructure projects in their region. World-class talent in energy, mining, oil & gas, road, rail, water, waste and more.

This deep local and global understanding in your specific industry in the region you operate in helps them find the top candidates fast, effectively and if required,  confidentially.

What do Executive Search firms do? They are known as headhunters and their specialty is searching both active and passive job markets for potential candidates to fill the roles that you have available. This is an essential component in the search for top talent. Because they are approached by headhunters so frequently, the vast majority of highly skilled individuals are not actively looking for work. Therefore, an executive search can often be the best way to get in touch with them.

Want help with your executive search?

Contact me,  My name is Robert Travis, and I’ve been a Managing Partner at Boyden for more than 25 years. If you’d like, I can put you in touch with the most qualified executive search consultant in the industry, or I can help you build a team of consultants to assist you in meeting your specific regional or international requirements for a global infrastructure executive search.

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