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Almost every day, I see people making missteps in their executive search due to underestimating the process and making simple but avoidable mistakes.  Here I’ll teach you everything you need to know and minimize the risk in your next executive search.

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What Executive Search Firms Do?

Executive search firms can help you with a wide range of complicated recruitment tasks. From: assisting companies in expanding internationally; growing leadership in a sustainable manner; or simply replacing leaders who have taken an unexpected leave. Executive search firms help you reduce risk and find world-class talent fast. Read more on: what does an executive search firm do?

Finding Good C-level Leaders for your business fast and effectively is challenging. Lets see how you can find great talent fast that you can trust.

With the vast range of niches in the Tech industry. How can you find a qualified and capable leader, in this competitive job market?

Trying to replace an underperforming Executive? Public openings are not an option. So how can it be done?

To hire top talent you need to attract top talent. In these guides I tell you the steps you can take to attract more talent and how to win them over in the interview process.

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Hiring a new CEO is one of the most destabilizing actions a business can do.  Replacing your original founder CEO, or quickly trying to replace a CEO who has left on short notice requires that a unique plan be implemented. Making the right choice fast is important. In this guide, I show you How to Hire a world-class CEO and how using executive search can help solve a problem as quickly as possible.

My Story

Hi, I’m Robert Travis. I’m a Managing Partner at Boyden and have 25+ years of experience in executive search. Based in North America, I have helped many companies find senior leadership for their businesses. From individual leaders to whole leadership teams for companies establishing new branches of their business abroad.

I have helped develop many regional offices get established, either personally or by putting together specialized search teams to help companies conduct complex searches at a regional or global level.

Given the wealth of experience, I have gained in my journey, many of my peers, team members, and clients come to me for help conducting their searches. I felt compelled to create this blog to help spread that information further and help people find great talent.

Hi, I’m Robert Travis. I’m a managing partner at Boyden Executive Search. I have 25+ years Experience in Executive Search. Based in North America. I have helped companies find talent in for their businesses. From individual leaders, to whole leadership teams for companies establishing new branches of their business abroad…

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