How to Hire for Specific/Niche Industries

When working in a niche industry, hiring for your company comes with its own set of caveats. Be it specific legal requirements for qualifications, legal requirements for levels of political exposure, limitations based on criminal records, or even hiring diversity quotas.

Furthermore, employees, owners, and directors’ rights differ country by country. Within these niches are industrial, mining, tech, or financial organizations. This often means only local talent qualified to local standards can work in these industries, as well as knowing how to work with the local government to legally do your core operation there.

Navigating these can be challenging, especially if you are trying to bring your business abroad, given the highly complex and legally controlled nature of some of these businesses in these regions.

Why you should work with Executive Recruiters who have worked in niche and specialized industries abroad

Mining, industrial, technology, health, infrastructure, or finance-based businesses are just some of the industries which face such issues. Working with an executive recruitment agency when hiring for these industries can reduce the burden of navigating local laws and regulations. Making the founding of your new international branch more hassle-free while developing a beneficial relationship and experience working with external recruiters.

The essential knowledge for hiring industrial leaders

When hiring in mining and industrial companies, a considerable range of industry-by-industry considerations must be made. In the following articles, I look at each industry and its challenges and offer guidance for you hire talent.

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The Essential knowledge for hiring Tech leaders

Tech is a rapidly changing industry, with expert knowledge of 2-3 years ago now almost being redundant in some positions and skill areas. Furthermore the employee turnover rate in tech is one of the highest industries. This mean understanding who is up to date on industry trends keeps their skill up to date and retaining employees are some of your biggest challenges.

Below I will explore in each industry how to incorporate these factors into your hiring process, and look at examples of what other companies have done.

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